The green car

I just filled up my little Renault Clio with this nice expensive liquid called gasoline. 510km about 319miles were driven. The 43Liter Tank (11.2Gallons) needed 32.2Liters (8.4Gallons). That is a average of 6.3L/100km or 37MPG. Not too bad for the traffic to work. That is more than 4L less than the Cougar consumes. The Cougar has a average of about 10.5L/100km(22MPG). The specs of the Clio say that even 4.7L/100km might be possible (50MPG). So 13km each way (8.1 miles) that is 26km per workday or 130km (81miles) per week. With driving to work, shopping and sightseeing I might drive around 10000km (6125miles) per year with the Clio I can save about 420L(109 Gallons) per year. Right now the price per Liter is between 1.379 Euro and 1.47 Euro (about 8.30 USD to  8.80USD per Gallon) here in Montpellier. So I can save around 588 Euro per year more or less. I usually fill my car up at the elf Gas station in Montpellier. That one is the cheapest, 8 cent less than Total or other big brands. Only the Shopping Center Gas Stations are similar. My little 55HP Clio is not bad at all, accelerates pretty fast since it is a light car with only 850kg (compared to 1390kg of the Cougar). Driving „green“ is cool. A bientot

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