Swimming & Golf

if that was really Golf what we tried today. I am not sure. But every sunday there are free Golf lessons here at our Hotel. So Fabi and Philipp came with me to practice a little bit. It was hot and sunny. Together with lots of other people we tried to hit the golfball and also putt into the holes later. Not as easy as it looks. Some balls flew near the 100m mark, but sometimes the grass we hit flew further than the ball (5m for the ball and 10m for the grass). If this will be my Hobby in the near future I am not really sure about that, but I have more time to try it. Of course we also went to the beach and the pool. Was a lot of fun. Jonathan is doing fine in his swimming suit and heĀ is less and less scared and tries swimming very well. Fabian is more quiet but that is ok.

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