Today it was a normal day, but with just 30C with lots of clouds. So we decided to make a trip to Micropolis. That is not a little french town, but a intersting educational world. Insect world. You can see, feel the world of insects. There is a outside area where the insects have your size, or the size of a labrador retriever dog and you can imagine how it’s like to be a insect or the inside world where thousands of insects, alive or dead can be seen. The webpage is available at: http://www.micropolis.biz
To get there we had to drive through wonderful areas north of Montpellier. from 20m(60ft) above sealevel to more than 800m (2400ft). Across the Viaduct de Millau. All together that was a wonderful sunday with the family. At home we finished with a little bycicle tour near our home with Jonathan and Fabian. Jonathan now also drives Bycicle like a maniac. He got a new little kids Moutainbike and drives great. Helmet and gloves, he is doing fine. A bientot

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