Happy New Year

Happy New Year all together. Now we have 2009 and a new challenging year has begun. One challenge was to party New Years Day here in France. Our First Time here. I (Marc) had a very bad cold/sinus with fever since a few days and I was not fit anyway. How do they party here in France ? Hmm, tough question, it is more the savoir vivre with lots of food (Champagne and so on) but definitely not with party on the streets and fireworks. In Germany it is very common to go on the streets at midnight and light tons of crackers and fireworks. When you see the pictures from the big cities like Berlin where 1 Million people were at the Brandenburger Gate or Sydney and huge fireworks give you Ahhh and Ohhhhhs it is very strange to come outside at midnight here in france. It is very quiet. You hear a few rockets or crackers here and there, but that is nothing.


Even in the supermarkets you see just a tiny little spot , maybe two squaremeters, with small rockets, crackers, fountains. Redicolous compared to what I know from germany. Not that I spend a lot of money for firework, but this was a little unsatisfying. Nevertheless, I found some rockets here and it was ok. Around 22:00 our german neighbours Ute, Holger, Nils and Yann came to our apartment to make firework for the kids. Holger found a nice 1 1/2 minute firework with nice light effects. Of course this little „show“ made the few people here curious and they came out of their apartments and watched the little show. They also applaused 🙂 I took some of my little fireworks and the kids were happy.

At midnight Fabi and Jona were still awake and also curious to celebrate the new year. With some alcohol free sparkling wine and mineral water we all together toasted and finally went outside. It was quiet but we had our fan. The kids loved it and we had at least a little fun. So we hope everybody had a nice party and C U

A bientot

The 4 1/3 Engelkahles 

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