Back in France

We are finally back in France. After those weeks in germany, giving birth to sweet Josefine we are now back in the sunny south of france. I drove more than 3000km (1875Miles) in one week (france, germany) and now we can relax. The boys and I visited my family in the north of germany. We saw the biggest miniature Modeltrain show in the world at the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg. A amazing installation with exhibits that show the USA, Skandinavia, Switzerland and so on. We have been there the first time in 2003. In 2006 we came back when USA and Skandinavia was finished. Now we came back again with Grandpa Hans-Juergen and saw the new Switzerland part and the airport that is going to be finished in the near future. We had a lot of fun. We taped a lot of videofootage for our new MiWuLA Video for YOutube. Our first one almost has 30000 visitors now.
After the 5 days in the north of germany, the boys and I returned to Josefine and Dagmar. Oh we missed them soooo much. Little Josefine is really adorable and sweet. We love her.
Lots of paperwork and stuff had to be done and then we drove back to France on Friday. Totally relaxed. Car packed with Stroller, babybed… Took us about 10 hours with breaks. Like Fabian and Jonathan little Josefine is a very quiet and relaxed passenger. No trouble at all. We had about 750km of rain from the total 930km but that was not a big deal. The Jumpy did not use a lot of gas. So we arrived back in the warm and sunny south. Our friends Ute,Holger and kids gave us a warm welcome.
Car unpacked and then the night was ours. Josefine is still quiet and gives us a lot of sleep 🙂
Saturday was needed to fill up the fridge. So we went shopping. Wine, Sausages, Cheese… hmmmm
In the afternoon we went to the Festival at school. 6 hours of shows and fun. The kids played with their friends and we had a lot of things to talk with the our friends… Of course Josefine caught all the attention and especially all the mothers we taking a look at the little princess 🙂
The evening came and I did a small BBQ. Hmmmmmmm. C’est la vie.
Now we have a relaxing sunday. The sun is shining and the kids play outside, inside.
More to come soon. Also a new Video from the MiWuLa in Hamburg.

A bientot

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