A day off

14th of July. National Holiday in france. The revolution began 1789 and the Bastille was stormed. Today only parades, parties, fireworks are taking place. Last night many towns around us made already big fireworks, because today is the huge firework in Montpellier.
So we enjoy the long sleep, watched TV with the big parade in Paris while having breakfast and enjoy the sun and warm temperatures. Probably we will go to the pool again. Pool, because Jonathan want’s to learn swimming now and he feels better in the pool than in the mediterranean.
Last weekend we had also a lot of fun at the Tyroliane park. That is a climbing park where you can climb um trees secured with a harness. A lot of fun for the kids and the adults. I also tried it again. Some of the smaller trails are tight for me, but an adult has to be present when the smaller kids are climbing there.
With Fabian I also climbed a little higher.
This was all a big party done by Ute and Holger for their Kids Yan and Nils. A farewell party and birthday party with many of their friends. Really a very good activity, kids will fall asleep soon after such a day. Holger also shot lots of nice pictures: http://www.niyautho.de
On Sunday Christian, a colleague and his sister visited us. We attended a free Golf lesson on that sunny and hot day. You really sweat while trying to hit the little ball. Damn, I guess I will never be a Pro. Not my sport. But it was fun for all of us.
The boys are really really good big brothers. They take care of Josefine as much as they can, that is really cute. Dagmar also feels great and she enjoys the relaxing days. School is over and no stress.
I just uploaded some new Josefine pictures to http://josefine.bigmek.de . Have fun

So far so good

A bientot

The 5 Engelkahles

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