Riding a horse

Oh we love the summer here in the south of france. It is really nice. Warm, sometimes hot temperatures. Lots of sun, very little rain. Very enjoyable. So after a nice week and a busy weekend ( I was on duty) we drove to Lodève, northwest of Montpellier. A few weeks ago, when I flew from Stuttgart via Lyon to Montpellier, the flight to Montpellier was cancelled and we were sent to Marseille and then with a Taxi to Montpellier. I met a old, german Lady, 78 years young and helped her to get the new ticket etc. For her it was very stressfull even though she flew this route many times already. For the help I provided she invited us to her nice vacation house in Lodève. It was very sweet, she enjoyed the company as much as we did. We had cake, coffee, Champagne… The kids played in the huge garden and Josefine relaxed 🙂

On tuesday Dagamr with the kids, Ute + kids and Jane + kids drove to Le Grau du Roi, Petit Camargue for horseback riding. First time for most of the kids. Fabian was on a horse, Jonathan on a pony. Of course there was some fear at the beginning, but it disappeared after a short time. The kids had a lot of fun.
Afterwards they all went to the beach. Was a little windy and Josefine did not like it at all. Dagmar and Josefine were in a little tent to protect them from sun and wind, but the wind was pretty nasty. Anyway. The kids had their fun in the water and in the sand. Yeah, the sand was later found in our house everywhere 🙂

That’s it for now…relaxed greetings


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