Heat, Beach and Sharks


In germany they just recently were showing in the news, that the hottest day with 37C (98F) of the actual summer just happened and everybody was celebrating it. Here in the south of france this is normal. Since weeks we have temperatures above 30C (86F), no rain and lots of sun. Maybe we will get some rain and thunderstorms next tuesday, maybe. But til then it is hot and sunny. We just hope no fires in the close forrests will happen here. So far we are lucky.


The close distance to the mediterranean sea gives us a lot of possibilities to go to the beach. Of course we also use the pool of our Hotel. Especially when I come back late afternoon from work. During this peak season it takes sometimes too much time to get to the beach, so we just go to the pool. Jonathan is improving his diving and swimming skills. After saying „No I do not go into the water“ he nows asks „Daddy can we go to the pool, I want to swim“. He is not really swimming so far. He is more diving and he loves it.
Fabian is totally relaxed and he more enjoys the silence sometimes, he is not wild for the pool. Dagmar and Josefine also enjoy the warm temperatures. Josefine is very relaxed and quiet. She is totally cool, smiling, eating, spitting 🙂
Last saturday Josefine had her first bath in the mediterranean .. The water was warm and she really loved and enjoyed it. Even when she tasted some of the salty water she smiled…No crying, no shouting, just a relaxed girl. Holger took some pictures with his waterproof digital camera, so I will update the BLOG later with pictures.
Two days ago about 100km aways from here in Canet en Roussillion two sharks (2m long ,6.7feet) were seen at the beach and the beach was closed. They are probably not very dangerous, but can attack people. But so far nothing happened. We only go to the shallow water and have no problem with that fact. I guess in general the humans are a more dangerous problem for the sharks.
This weekend I am on duty and I can not do much. We might go all together to the pool for some time.
Pictures will follow. Formula 1 is also taking place in Valencia.. Let’s watch it.

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