A day at the beach

My vacation has started. Of course this is also the slowly approaching end of a 2 year stay in france. Pretty soon Dagmar and the kids will return to germany. So we enjoy the sunny weather here in the south of france. Some friends already returned to germany, USA…and soon Scotland. So we had a small party for us from my great colleagues here and a party for Phil & Jane and their kids yesterday. BBQ, beer, wine.. won’t get boring here 🙂
Today Josefine had her second bath in the mediterranean sea. Wow, she really likes it. No problem at all with the salty water 🙂 Fabi, Jona and Daggie love that of course as well.

Temperatures around 30C and water temperatures around 23C are making the bath very refreshing. Not cold at all. We love it.

A bientot

The 5 Engelkahles

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