Finally in Nimes

We finally made it to Nimes. A very old and roman city. Only 30 minutes away from where we live. But so far we had no time. We usually showed our friends the very beautiful sights here around Montpellier and we never had time to go anywhere else. But now we made it and we enjoyed it a lot. It was again 30C but cloudy. The only problem in Nimes is to find a parking spot for the 1.94m high Citroen Jumpy. Most Parking garages are 1.9m or 1.75m. So no way for us. But after 30 minutes we found a good parking spot. We walked throught the narrow roads in Nimes and went to the Maison Carré. Some beautiful Cathedrals and the Arena (a little smaller than the Colloseo in Rome but it is almost in perfect condition).
Of course we had some lunch a found a really good Pizza Place. Yeah we were desperate for a Pizza 🙂
The Arena was very interesting. We made a tour and had those Walkmen like Audio things. Was interesting to listen to the stories. Wow, very brutal those Fights and shows. They had to turn the sand and put in new sand a few times a day to make the smell of blood not too bad. Arghhhh.
Anyway, we enjoyed the wonderful day in Nimes and let’s ee what else we might visit in the next days of our vacation.



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