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We are travelling around more and more. Today in the afternoon we made our trip to the Pont Du Gard. One of the most complete and very beautiful roman aqueducts. About 40 minutes drive and we were there. Parking is easy, since peak season is over and only lots of germans 🙂 and dutch and some brits are here.

So we walked down to the site. Fabian took some Videos and we went to the river Gardons. Was not too cold there. With the warm temperatures of 28C it was nice. Just the wind was pretty strong again. That was also the reason for a bad sideeffect. There was a wildfire next to the Pont du Gard.
We saw it from the Bridge and after some time the firefighters in their yellow Firefighter Airplanes came to poor tons of water on it. After about 30 minutes they had it under control. Was a little scary, since the wind was strong and many many weeks without rain make everything totally dry.
On the way home we had to drive a detour, since the mainroad was closed due to the fire.
That was beautiful. Little, small winding roads in the hills and wonderful views. Really a great experience.
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