We did it, our last trip for now in france. We visited Carcassonne, the fortified city. Similar to Aigues-Mortes near our place here, but older and bigger. It is a about 1 1/2 hours driving time. Right after Dagmar finished her last morning coffee with her girls at the Hotel we took off. No big deal, since the peak season is over. Just some swabian people making their last days of vacation 🙂
Since the kids were not very happy about hourlong museum walks we decided to go there…watch the town and the enjoy the views, have something to eat and then drive home when we want to.
Well, eating was different. Lots of restaurants, since the kids wanted something they know we chose a pizza place. Nothing compared to the place in Nimes. It was probably one of the more expensive and less good restaurants in Carcassonne „Le Cité“. Well, we were hungry, so we finished the dishes and paid…
The views, small, narrow roads, the stores were really beautiful. The kids also enjoyed it. We also had to buy a sword and halberd for the kids 🙂 Was nice…almost every kid ran around with a sword 🙂
When we wanted to drink a coffee and have some icecream we chose a small restaurant. But it looked like the peak season already filled their pockets good enough. We were only 10 customers. Some other came right after we came and they already knew what they wanted and so they got their Pastis right away. But we had to look for the different ice creams. So the young „garcon“ was not very enthusiastic. We decided to leave after about 15 minutes and look for a better place. We found one 🙂
Before we left we also saw a juggler that used glasbowls. He balanced them on his bald head and also juggled several balls in his hands. A maximum if three balls balanced on his head. It was amazing to see what he did. Full control of his body. WOw. See the picture. A video is also now uploaded to Youtube. The other pictures…see the link at the bottom…
In two days we will return to germany. Another part of the assignment is ending. I will return for the final months of the assignment. But more is coming…

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