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Back in France

Sonntag, Juni 21st, 2009

We are finally back in France. After those weeks in germany, giving birth to sweet Josefine we are now back in the sunny south of france. I drove more than 3000km (1875Miles) in one week (france, germany) and now we can relax. The boys and I visited my family in the north of germany. We saw the biggest miniature Modeltrain show in the world at the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg. A amazing installation with exhibits that show the USA, Skandinavia, Switzerland and so on. We have been there the first time in 2003. In 2006 we came back when USA and Skandinavia was finished. Now we came back again with Grandpa Hans-Juergen and saw the new Switzerland part and the airport that is going to be finished in the near future. We had a lot of fun. We taped a lot of videofootage for our new MiWuLA Video for YOutube. Our first one almost has 30000 visitors now.
After the 5 days in the north of germany, the boys and I returned to Josefine and Dagmar. Oh we missed them soooo much. Little Josefine is really adorable and sweet. We love her.
Lots of paperwork and stuff had to be done and then we drove back to France on Friday. Totally relaxed. Car packed with Stroller, babybed… Took us about 10 hours with breaks. Like Fabian and Jonathan little Josefine is a very quiet and relaxed passenger. No trouble at all. We had about 750km of rain from the total 930km but that was not a big deal. The Jumpy did not use a lot of gas. So we arrived back in the warm and sunny south. Our friends Ute,Holger and kids gave us a warm welcome.
Car unpacked and then the night was ours. Josefine is still quiet and gives us a lot of sleep 🙂
Saturday was needed to fill up the fridge. So we went shopping. Wine, Sausages, Cheese… hmmmm
In the afternoon we went to the Festival at school. 6 hours of shows and fun. The kids played with their friends and we had a lot of things to talk with the our friends… Of course Josefine caught all the attention and especially all the mothers we taking a look at the little princess 🙂
The evening came and I did a small BBQ. Hmmmmmmm. C’est la vie.
Now we have a relaxing sunday. The sun is shining and the kids play outside, inside.
More to come soon. Also a new Video from the MiWuLa in Hamburg.

A bientot

The 5 Engelkahles 

More pictures from Josefine or Stuttgart – Montpellier – Hanover

Montag, Juni 15th, 2009

Lots of things happened in the past days. Around 1600km (1000miles) in 24 hours driven. I had to fly to Montpellier to pick up the Mercedes A-Class and drive it back to germany. The flight from Stuttgart via Lyon to Montpellier was partially cancelled. So we were stuck in Lyon and had to fly to Marseille and then take a Taxi. I helped a older Lady that was totally lost. She was also from germany and flew that route many times. But this time the flight was cancelled.
Since I helped her a lot and we talked a lot she invited me for a drink and her grandson drove my finally from Montpellier Airport to our Apartment.
After a few hours relaxation (more or less) I drove to Stuttgart again. Was very easy.
On Saturday The boys and me took of to Hanover after a almost dramatic Gas Grill accident at our Neighbours place.
Anyway. here in the north we visited Grandma Hella, Grandpa Hans-Juergen. Uncle Joerni, Steffen, Olav and more… Lots of fun. We are looking forward to visit the Miniature Train show in Hamburg. The biggest H0 Scale Modeltrain show in the world.
Well, the most important thing is of course, that Josefine is doing fine. She is very quiet and Dagmar and I have really quiet nights.
Right now Dagmar relaxes without us. 🙂

Here are the new Pictures (password protected):

Have fun, more to come.

The 5 Engelkahles

JOSEFINE is there !!

Dienstag, Juni 9th, 2009

After a long 14 hours today on June 9th 2009 at 19:41 CET the little princess Josefine Emily Kahle has arrived.

Thanks to Dagmars power and the great Team at the Filderklinik Dagmar gave birth to her. She is healthy, 3550gramms and 53cm. The brothers Fabian and Jonathan are very proud big brothers now and Dagmar and Marc-Eric are proud parents.
We are 5 now… yeahhhhhhhhhhhh
More pictures and infos will follow.

A bientot

 Les 5 Engelkahles

More cars

Montag, Mai 25th, 2009

Oh this guy is crazy you might think. Again pictures from Cars. Besides playing with the kids and taking care of the pregnant woman Daddy Marc-Eric enjoys another car show.
Of course other things were done. Like going with the kids to the cinema and watch „Night at the Museum 2“, going to a 30s Birthday Party and so on. But before less time is available Daddy Marc-Eric used the weekend to work on the Trabant and go to the Klassikwelten Bodensee Old and Youngtimer show. Theat included Boats and Airplanes.
I am not a big boat fan and just a little airplane fan. But the cars caught the attention. It was the second show of that type at the fairgrounds in Friedrichshafen (Lake Constance).
Lots of old, historic cars, fleemarket with used parts, stickers …
Airplane shows (RedBull) and Boat rides.
Old Porsche Tractors, Lamborghini Countach, LM002, Ferrari, Maybach, Hanomag…it was a great collection of cars.
US cars were present as well in the Heartbeat of America hall.
Also some Trabants were present and caught some attention. For my Trabant I bought a DDR(German Demokratic Republic) Plate.
Production Date 12/88. Fits my Trabant 🙂
Maybe I will drive down there with my Trabant next year and not with my Cougar. Takes a little longer, but maybe I can participate.
I also have lots of pictures here:

Right now we are still waiting for the baby… We are getting closer 🙂 I am still working from home to respond as soon as possible and help Dagmar.

A bientot

The 4 7/8 Engelkahles

A little shed in the garden

Montag, Mai 18th, 2009

Thanks to grandpa Dieter and grandma Helga from Magdeburg we now have our little 1.8m by 1.8m shed in the garden. While we were not home they built it. Very nice. Now we have lots of room and we could store all the stuff that was on the terrace or in the basement in the wooden shed. Perfect. Bobbycars, lawn-mower and so on is now stored away.
Thanks to Dieter and Helga.

That gave me of course some time in the evenings to work on my Trabant. I bought some parts to fix the car a little more. I replaced all the drumbrake brakepads, cleaned them. replaced spark-plugs, replaced the headlight assemblies since they were rusty. Replaced the seats (got newer ones on Ebay for 1 Euro). Removed some rust at the rear, front, side of the Trabant, primed and painted it again. Got new hubcaps (Original VEB Sachsenring) also via Ebay. Runs good the little Trabant with his 26HP. I will replace the brakecylinders as well soon, wasn’t sure if I have to, but after looking at all of them it might be a good idea, just to replace them as well. The rest looks good. I will do something to the interior in the wintertime.

I uploaded some new pictures to – at Trabi_088 you can see some newer pics.
Meanwhile we are still waiting for Engelkahles No.5. Baby is kicking in the belly, but still not coming out. So we have to be patient.
We will keep you updated. 🙂

A bientot

The 7/8 Engelkahles

Welcome back

Dienstag, Mai 12th, 2009

As time flies by we finally made it back to germany. We are preparing for the delivery of Engelkahle Kid No.3. After a nice birthdayparty at some friends place in Baillargues we hit the road with our Jumpy and drove to germany. We had a very good trip. We were tired but happy when we arrived at 5:30am on sunday. The kids had a good sleep in the car so they were playing/reading in their room. Dagmar and I slept a few hours in our warmed up waterbed.
I unpacked the car and hit the road again to drive to a Cougar Meeting here in Stuttgart. We met at the new PORSCHE Museum. Wonderful to see the nice cars. Unknown Prototypes, new Porsches, old ones.. interesting. As a group of 12 persons (in 8 Cougars) we enjoyed the Museum. Only the smell of gasoline and the loud sound of the engines was missing. There were some soundexamples, but hearing the sound from a speaker is not like standing next to a Porsche and feeling and hearing the engine.
The ugliest Porsche was a prototype for China, called C88. Luckily it never made it, even though the design looked somehow familiar. Maybe the chines copied the design a bit after they saw it. Anyway. 

After the Museum we drove to a Restaurant call Cafe del Sol. We had to go through some very heavy rain, thunder, hail. The hail was just peasize, not bigger. Bit we could only go 40-60km/h sometimes. The opposite direction was blocked. It was amazing how much rain could fall in a few minutes.
At the Restaurant I also picked up Dagmar and we had a very good Dinner with our friends from EURO-NECO Cougar team.
Enjoy the pictures:

Now I am back to normal, working from home while perparing somehow for the birth. Kids are on the road with Grandparents. Grandpa Dieter built a nice shed in the garden. Small but perfect for lawn mower and other stuff.
More to come… A bientot

 The 4 7/8 Engelkahles

Interactive BBQ

Freitag, Mai 1st, 2009

It is the 5th time that our favorite german Radiostation SWR3 performs a interactive BBQ Party. A starcook Johann Lafer prepared the recipies and shopping list and today on May 1st at 16:00 (4:00pm CET) it will start. He will tell us on the Radio (webradio in our case, thank god for the Internet) when to put something on the BBQ grill. It was delicious the last time.
So we will have some Shrimps, Fish, Porc…

Watch the Webcam as well:


Our look at our Homepage:



Grandma was here

Mittwoch, April 29th, 2009

Even though my mother needs Dialysis three times a week she was visiting us in the south of france. It needed some organisation, calling the Medical center (with the help of my colleagues) sending some documents around and so on. It was great. After we managed to get the dates and flight and so on Grandma Hella came to our house.

Finally time for the grandkids… Grandma was happy. The weather was not too bad and we managed to have a Dinner on the beach. It was great, mild and warm. I was in the water (up to my knees), not too cold. Fresh. Some other places like Aigues-Mortes, Villeneuve le Maguelone and of course Montpellier were also visited. Rain on the weekend was used to play cards with the kids.

Since the Dialysis consumed a lot of time the whole week passed by very fast.
Well the belly from Dagmar is getting bigger and bigger 🙂 We are getting closer 🙂

A bientot

The 4 3/4 Engelkahles

Bicycletour with the Jumpy

Sonntag, April 19th, 2009

Since we are not able to fit our Bicycles into the trunk anymore we decided to buy a bike rack for the hitch. Perfect fit. Thule 903, can be extended from 3 to 4 bikes. Right now Jonathans bike is too small to fit, so we can still store it in the trunk. In a few years, when Jonathans bike is big enough we will use the extension.


The weather was not too stable. Rain yesterday and also some rain expected today. But at noon it was warm and sunny with some clouds. So we attached the Bike carrier to the hitch, mounted the bikes and we took off to Le Grau du Roi. There is a nice bikeway at the beach.

That is better for Jonathan with his little experience and small bike. Helmets up, and we hit the road. We made it to the historic part of Le Grau du Roi, had a Ice Cream and then…we had to return. Dark clouds came with thunder, lightning, rain and hail. We made it just in time. It started to rain when I finished mounting the bikes and it started at home when I finished to remove all Bikes again and the carrier. In the future we will bring our bikes to our families in the north of germany to make tours there. That will be fun.

Many greetings from the south of France

The 4 3/4 Engelkahles

Trabant Video with Sound

Sonntag, April 19th, 2009

I was in a good mood and taped my little Trabant on Video. So I could watch and listen to the 2-Cylinder 2-Stroke sound. No smell yet 🙂 Enjoy the video on Youtube: