My day at the Pic Saint-Loup


Pic Saint Loup Panorama

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Panorama Pic Saint Loup

Today I drove around a little north from Baillargues with my car to Pic Saint-Loup. The area around Montpellier is really beautiful. In the south you have the sea and in the north you have the mountains. 

Weg zum Pic Saint-Loup

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The legend from Pic Saint-Loup

I have not climbed up on Pic Saint-Loup (658m) so far, but the are is beautiful and there is a cute little legend about that little mountain.

In medieval times the three brothers Loup, Guiral and Clair loved the same woman named Bertrade. Without knowing whom she will marry the three brothers went on a crusade. When they came back from the crusade their beloved Bertrade had died. So they decided to live as hermits alone on the three tops of the mountain. On the lowest of the three tops Guiral lived, so the top was named Saint Guiral. The second top was occupied by Clair, so it was named Saint Clair. The third and highest top was occupied by Thieri Loup, so that is how the name Saint Loup came from. So the Pic Saint-Loup got his name.

As long as they lived, the three brothers lighted a fire on March 19th every year in remembrance of their loved Bertrade. I hope I understood the story well, since it was all in french and I used my french with help from and babelfish to translate it.

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