Everything in circles ???

Oh oui, I am allowed now to park on the employee parking… I am half french now 🙂

The weather here in really beautiful. 7C this morning and almost 20C in the afternoon, what a gorgeous weather. Yesterday it was a little different. I had to scratch the ice off my car windows. It was minus 1C in the morning. The colleagues asked me if I feel like in germany, but I replied that it is not like germany, there is no snow 🙂

This weather makes standing in the traffic jam much nicer. In germany those roundabouts (here they are called rond-point) are getting more and more popular. In France they are already very common since many many years. So you might think it helps to have more experience. But this is wrong. In germany the roundabouts are planned more precise (must be a german thing) and traffic jam at the roundabout are less common in germany. Here in France they are located at the highway exits, which causes lots of trafficjams back on the Highway. Every morning I have to pass three roundabouts every morning on the mainroard from Baillargues to Montpellier. Those roundabouts are so unconvenient that there is alway at least 1km traffic jam/slow traffic.

Traffic itself is ok, but be aware of the motorbike drivers. So if you come to france, take care and keep your eyes open. The coming weekend looks to be nice and sunny and I will enjoy it. Maybe I will wash my car (also typical german). But here in france you can wash your car 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. C’est la vie…

C U soon

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