A bicycle tour

Again we had a new, intersting week here in france. One week after we bought Dagmars MTB we were finally able to make a little tour. Something else…the little caterpillars we saw last week are the unpleasant oak procession moths. So we don’t touch them of course and we will avoid them.

Last thursday we went to Montpellier to pick up Fabians last schoolbook. It was beautiful day with sun and so we decided to eat also a Ice at the Häagen Dasz Store. That was delicious. On the way back we passed the Zenith (a big Entertainment / Fairhall ) where thousands of Kids were standing in line. Police was directing the traffic. What was going on ? The famous, young german band TOKIO HOTEL was playing there. Sold out show. Those little guys from Dagmars Hometown Magdeburg really rock (if I can say so, my generation listens to Music like ZZ Top, Bryan Adams, No Doubt and so on) the world. Sold out concerts in France, USA. The kids learn german now, just to understand the songs. On the radio we heard screaming girls shouting the boys names, singing the songs. Crazy. Those guys really stick to their roots and stay original, no famous Songwriter uses them to make money. They write their own songs and lyrics. They do how they want it, and it works. I can only say RESPECT. They are young but they are a new generation of Bands…

Our french training each monday and wednesday with Estelle is really great.We understand more and more. Estelle uses daily situations and explains the „real“ french and not the school french. Several sentences and words we remembered from our schooldays are never used by a french.

In their sparetime Fabian and Jonathan are outside a lot. They play with their new german friends Nils and Jan. They are really great together. The weather was ok, on friday it was again 21C (70F) and lots of sun. Saturday it was unfortunately grey, Fog and some rain. We used that time to prepare our bikes. My rear tire is 10 years old now and so I bought a new tire and inner tube. I spent some more money for a self repairing inner tube. The only problem…was me. I damaged the inner tube while putting on the tire. So I had to fix it. Was good for the kids, so they could see how to do it.

Today our weathergod had patience and gave us some sun, mild 18C (65F) with some strong winds. Fabian did a very good job with the wind. He managed our 25km  (15.6 miles) pretty good. Just Jonathan was upset, because he had so sit in the childseat on my bike. It was very beautiful driving across the countryroads, almost no cars and lots of blooming trees already. The mild weather here is wonderful. We drove to the sea from Baillargues via Maugio. Dagmar was happy about her new bike. She enjoyed it a lot. My new tire also worked fine and I had no flat.

In the evenings we watch some german TV. With the online TV recorder we can record TV series for free. Of course I also bring some DVDs and CDs from the IBM Library. Especially cartoons that our kids know already in german are great. We watch them in french and english.

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