On the beach again, and in the water

What a wonderful sunny, warm day. Beautiful enough to drive to the beach after a delicious breakfast with bacon and eggs (done on the BBQ Grill, yes electric but cool, since friday now with a griddle and a rolling cart). We wanted to go minigolfing, but the sun and the beach kept us on the beach. It was so nice. The kids had their little kites, a present from aunt Kerstin, and they enjoyed them flying in the wind. After a while of collecting stones, shells and wood the kids decided to go into the water. Yes, into the water and it is beautifully warm, about 20C (72F). Very mild. So the kids were playing until their clothes were wet. We were able to dry some stuff but not all. So we took off instead of going golfing.


A short trip to a supermarket to buy some icecream and now we are doing our dinner (also on the Q140 electric BBQ Grill from Weber, a good substitute until we are back home).


We also uploaded some pictures from our SWR3 BBQ time on May 1st and from today. See the SlideShow

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