Aliens in the ZOO

It is spring here in the south of france. We enjoy this wonderful weather as long as we can. One day we have to go back to germany and we are back to normal. This winter is pretty long and strong in germany, so this mild weather is unbelievable.
After a few new administrative issues with our Carte Grise for the car (we needed another document that tells that Dagmar is living with me in the same apartment. It is not common in france, that couples have two different familynames !! Keep that in mind when you think about moving there), we finally entered our weekend.
It is breathtaking when you wake up in the morning and you see the blue sky, feel the warm air and the sun is hot.
We had to clean up the kitchen (we had a „little“ Ant problem, hundreds were walking through, not anymore, thanks to a Antkiller).
This sunday Dagmar went with Ute to the market in Maugio and she bought some Croissants, Pain au Chocolat, fresh Strawberries.
The breakfast was relaxed.
We decided to go to the Zoo in Montpellier. It is free of charge (only the amazonas house is with admission). A great thing for the kids and us. Our last attempt a few weeks ago went wrong, because all parking was closed due to a Handball event. This time we had enough parking and a sunny, warm sunday. A little above 20C (70F). Warm enough for me and the kids to wear not just T-Shirt but also Shorts. Of course it was warm enough. The people in the south of france of course have a different temperature feeling than we have. We saw some people running in wintercoats. Even a kid was running in the zoo with a snowsuit. Hello ? It was 20C and not -2C. I felt a little bit like a Alien.
Whatever. The kids enjoyed the walk with us through the zoo and many animals were relaxing in the sun as well.
In the evening we finished our sunday with a delicious Dinner at the La Lucques Restaurant here in Baillargues at our Hotel.
We have been there a few times already. They have a new Menu now for Spring 2009 and it was delicious. More than delicious.Beef for Daddy and Salmon for Mum. The kids had Steak Haché with fries.
I can’t tell it in words, even the entree was breathtaking.
Savoir vivre.

A bientot

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