Fish Fish Fish


Time flies by. It is already more than half a year ago that we went to the Aquarium in Le Grau du Roi. It is a smaller Aquarium but nice. Usually the new extensio a bigger Shark Tank should be opened already. But sometimes things are a little slower here in france. The Webpage was also not very helpful, so we jumped into our Jumpy, lowered the windows and drove through the wonderful area to Le Grau du Roi. Mild temperatures, warm sand at the beach (the water was still only 13-15C / 55F-60F). Perfect for the Aquarium anyway. The kids also like the „old“ stlye. „old“ Friends like Nemo, turtels and of course sharks. We love sharks. They look mysterious and beautiful. We could watch them for hours. It is a pitty that people always think that sharks are dangerous. Of course they kill a few people each year, but that is countable with two hands or so. We kill millions of sharks each year for soup, fun and horny people that think a shark fin makes them last longer .. Yeah sure
I hope we can stop that one day.


We can’t wait to see the new exhibition now opening (maybe) end of April. We will be back then. More sharks to see then.


Back at home we played a bit Pirates of the mediteranean.


A bientot


The 4 2/3 Engelkahles

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