Goin‘ to Barcelona

 We are doing a lot down here in the south of France. Even though we haven’t done a trip with the TGV Train to Paris we at least made it to Barcelona more than once.
During our last trip we were not able to go to the Zoo in Barcelona, so we promised our kids to do it before we leave. Barcelona is only 3 hours away from Montpellier.
So we packed the kids, luggage, babybed into our Jumpy and we went to Barcelona. The same Hotel we used before. Novotel. New, clean, nice. ABout 10 minutes away from the Hotel is a TRAM (train) Station that leaves every 20 minutes to the center. Depending on where you want to go it takes 35-45 minutes. Fabian loves trains so it was great for him.
Little Josefine smiled most of the time and also the people in the train were smiling back.
Since there a fall holidays in france, germany etc. the city was crowded.
On Saturday we arrived in the afternoon in the center, too later for a relaxed Zoo trip. So we went to Place de Catalunya and decided to have Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Since waiting time was about 1hour we spent time in the Shop, where the kids got free HRC pins. Jonathan and Fabian were also very hungry. Dagmar and I were happy when we finally got our table and the food and drinks arrived.
After that Dinner we walked a bit down the Rambla…It is the main street where tons of dealers are, strange people, animals…
It was good to digest and to calm down the kids. I had some sweat on my head since not all Subway/Tram access was with an Elevator. So I had to carry Josefine in the stroller.
Since the downtown was so crowded we were happy when we escaped that crowd.
At the Hotel we used the free Internet access on the Apple iMac and we had some drinks at the bar.
Sunday started easy, since the time was changed from summer to winter. So one hour more sleep. More or less. We had two rooms and in the night someone went into my room, because the Computer said the room is still free.
So that was not so nice. But the rest of the night was quiet.
After having breakfast we went downtown to the Zoo. Was nice… We had to wait about one hour to get in, but could have been worse. After a few hours the kids were exhausted and we had no fun waiting in line again for the dolphin show. We saw at least the dolphins in the aquarium.
We returned to the Hotel, filled up the car with cheap, spanish Diesel and then drove to the highway back to Baillargues. Next trip will be the trip to germany.

Here you can see some pics (klick on the pic to see a bigger one, more pics coming soon):

a Happy little girl
  In the TRAM

  In the Hard Rock Cafe

  The Bar at the HRC

  Yeah, my first Hard Rock Cafe visit…

  View from the Hotel window

  Hey, riding the train is cool

  Our Tram Station


  Jona and Fabi

  Waiting in line at the Zoo in Barcelona

  A Mandrill

  The dolphins 

  Going home with the  Metro/Tram

A bientot

The 5 Engelkahles

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