More pictures from Josefine or Stuttgart – Montpellier – Hanover

Lots of things happened in the past days. Around 1600km (1000miles) in 24 hours driven. I had to fly to Montpellier to pick up the Mercedes A-Class and drive it back to germany. The flight from Stuttgart via Lyon to Montpellier was partially cancelled. So we were stuck in Lyon and had to fly to Marseille and then take a Taxi. I helped a older Lady that was totally lost. She was also from germany and flew that route many times. But this time the flight was cancelled.
Since I helped her a lot and we talked a lot she invited me for a drink and her grandson drove my finally from Montpellier Airport to our Apartment.
After a few hours relaxation (more or less) I drove to Stuttgart again. Was very easy.
On Saturday The boys and me took of to Hanover after a almost dramatic Gas Grill accident at our Neighbours place.
Anyway. here in the north we visited Grandma Hella, Grandpa Hans-Juergen. Uncle Joerni, Steffen, Olav and more… Lots of fun. We are looking forward to visit the Miniature Train show in Hamburg. The biggest H0 Scale Modeltrain show in the world.
Well, the most important thing is of course, that Josefine is doing fine. She is very quiet and Dagmar and I have really quiet nights.
Right now Dagmar relaxes without us. 🙂

Here are the new Pictures (password protected):

Have fun, more to come.

The 5 Engelkahles

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