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Having fun

Samstag, Oktober 3rd, 2009

See Josefine with Dagmar

3rd october 2009

Samstag, Oktober 3rd, 2009

Almost 20 years after the wall came down. Our Trabant today

Klassikwelt Bodensee Video – Classicworld Bodensee

Sonntag, September 27th, 2009

In may 2009 the 2nd edition of the Klassikwelt Bodensee (Classicworld Bodensee) Show took place. A show with a focus on Boats, Airplanes, Cars, Motorbikes… I took the chance to go there and look especially on the car/motorbike part of the show. Enjoy the Video on Youtube:

A bientot


A few more pictures

Donnerstag, September 17th, 2009

To keep you up to date I post some more new pictures, have fun:

Our new winerack. Fits 56 bottles. Never thought we already have that much. Still some bottles stored in cartons. Yeahhh..

Our new family picture, taken on the steps of our house, like every year (since we live in the house) See also the old pictures:

Jonathan paints his self constructed/built wooden „thing“

Isn’t she cute 🙂

Our little shed in the garden with some metal peices brought from france, a bull and a ornament, (found them in Aigues-Mortes)
A bientot

The 5 Engelkahles

Our Airport and new License Plates

Dienstag, September 15th, 2009

We live about 5km (3 miles) away from the Stuttgart Airport. Yesterday we actually had a emergency landing here in Stuttgart with a Fokker 100 machine coming from Berlin. The landing gear would not come out totally. So they had to perform a emergency landing: i only heard the massive amount of Firetruck sirens and police car siren and so on. Around 11am it happened. Actually everyone was safe. The machine landed with some firesparks at the rear, but there was no fire or explosion. See the Youtube video (german):

When we went shopping later that day, there was still no airtraffic. Everything was blocked til 6pm. From the parking garage of the shopping center we saw the machine towed away (put on new wheels).
The picture quality is not that good, was from my mobilphone camera:

Anyway, we had a good first return to germany so far. lot’s of packing, pater works etc. but it was ok. I had to bring the french registered Citroen Jumpy to the german TUEV (technical control) and then get german papers. For all this you need to get a COC Document a Doc for the compliance to european rules etc. Costs 80 Euro in my case. I thought with this Doc it should be quite easy to get the german papers. Hmm, well, even with european registration number etc. they had to enter all car data manually. Why do I pay 80 Euros for that Document ???
Also the new papers cost 44.80 Euro, plus 88 Euro for the TUEV…
Best of all was the lady first gave me the wrong Plaque for the car. There is a new sticker needed that shows how much microdust it produces. Since we have Diesel without filter it gets yellow. Worst is NO plaque, then red, yellow and best is green.
I got a green one instead of yellow, but only noticed it at home when I looked at all the paperwork. No bit deal, sure, but also the car was registered now as a gasoline car and not a Diesel car. Could be a problem in the future 🙂
So that lady was nice and also happy that I came back. She said some poeple might have kept the wrong plaque.
I am not that guy.
So we have noew german license plates (could keep the old ones from the Mercedes Class-A).
At 132994km the Jumpy crossed the french/german border. Last time with french plates in france. Now he is german.
I will return to france soon. Hoping for better wather there 🙂
Here is cold and rainy.
A bientot

The 5 Engelkahles

MiWuLa Video online

Mittwoch, Juni 24th, 2009

The Miniture wonderland Modeltrain show was again our target. The third time since (2003,2006) for us to see the worlds largest H0 Scale Modeltrain installation in the world. Now with new additions like Switzerland and the Airport (still under construction). New things to come soon. Our Video from June 16th is now on Youtube. Enjoy it. I am also on Facebook now. Since many of our friends outside germany can not deal with the german Facebook versions like Stayfriends etc.  I decided to finally go online there. You can look for me there now.

Have fun

The 5 Engelkahles

More pictures from Josefine or Stuttgart – Montpellier – Hanover

Montag, Juni 15th, 2009

Lots of things happened in the past days. Around 1600km (1000miles) in 24 hours driven. I had to fly to Montpellier to pick up the Mercedes A-Class and drive it back to germany. The flight from Stuttgart via Lyon to Montpellier was partially cancelled. So we were stuck in Lyon and had to fly to Marseille and then take a Taxi. I helped a older Lady that was totally lost. She was also from germany and flew that route many times. But this time the flight was cancelled.
Since I helped her a lot and we talked a lot she invited me for a drink and her grandson drove my finally from Montpellier Airport to our Apartment.
After a few hours relaxation (more or less) I drove to Stuttgart again. Was very easy.
On Saturday The boys and me took of to Hanover after a almost dramatic Gas Grill accident at our Neighbours place.
Anyway. here in the north we visited Grandma Hella, Grandpa Hans-Juergen. Uncle Joerni, Steffen, Olav and more… Lots of fun. We are looking forward to visit the Miniature Train show in Hamburg. The biggest H0 Scale Modeltrain show in the world.
Well, the most important thing is of course, that Josefine is doing fine. She is very quiet and Dagmar and I have really quiet nights.
Right now Dagmar relaxes without us. 🙂

Here are the new Pictures (password protected):

Have fun, more to come.

The 5 Engelkahles

JOSEFINE is there !!

Dienstag, Juni 9th, 2009

After a long 14 hours today on June 9th 2009 at 19:41 CET the little princess Josefine Emily Kahle has arrived.

Thanks to Dagmars power and the great Team at the Filderklinik Dagmar gave birth to her. She is healthy, 3550gramms and 53cm. The brothers Fabian and Jonathan are very proud big brothers now and Dagmar and Marc-Eric are proud parents.
We are 5 now… yeahhhhhhhhhhhh
More pictures and infos will follow.

A bientot

 Les 5 Engelkahles

More cars

Montag, Mai 25th, 2009

Oh this guy is crazy you might think. Again pictures from Cars. Besides playing with the kids and taking care of the pregnant woman Daddy Marc-Eric enjoys another car show.
Of course other things were done. Like going with the kids to the cinema and watch „Night at the Museum 2“, going to a 30s Birthday Party and so on. But before less time is available Daddy Marc-Eric used the weekend to work on the Trabant and go to the Klassikwelten Bodensee Old and Youngtimer show. Theat included Boats and Airplanes.
I am not a big boat fan and just a little airplane fan. But the cars caught the attention. It was the second show of that type at the fairgrounds in Friedrichshafen (Lake Constance).
Lots of old, historic cars, fleemarket with used parts, stickers …
Airplane shows (RedBull) and Boat rides.
Old Porsche Tractors, Lamborghini Countach, LM002, Ferrari, Maybach, Hanomag…it was a great collection of cars.
US cars were present as well in the Heartbeat of America hall.
Also some Trabants were present and caught some attention. For my Trabant I bought a DDR(German Demokratic Republic) Plate.
Production Date 12/88. Fits my Trabant 🙂
Maybe I will drive down there with my Trabant next year and not with my Cougar. Takes a little longer, but maybe I can participate.
I also have lots of pictures here:

Right now we are still waiting for the baby… We are getting closer 🙂 I am still working from home to respond as soon as possible and help Dagmar.

A bientot

The 4 7/8 Engelkahles

A little shed in the garden

Montag, Mai 18th, 2009

Thanks to grandpa Dieter and grandma Helga from Magdeburg we now have our little 1.8m by 1.8m shed in the garden. While we were not home they built it. Very nice. Now we have lots of room and we could store all the stuff that was on the terrace or in the basement in the wooden shed. Perfect. Bobbycars, lawn-mower and so on is now stored away.
Thanks to Dieter and Helga.

That gave me of course some time in the evenings to work on my Trabant. I bought some parts to fix the car a little more. I replaced all the drumbrake brakepads, cleaned them. replaced spark-plugs, replaced the headlight assemblies since they were rusty. Replaced the seats (got newer ones on Ebay for 1 Euro). Removed some rust at the rear, front, side of the Trabant, primed and painted it again. Got new hubcaps (Original VEB Sachsenring) also via Ebay. Runs good the little Trabant with his 26HP. I will replace the brakecylinders as well soon, wasn’t sure if I have to, but after looking at all of them it might be a good idea, just to replace them as well. The rest looks good. I will do something to the interior in the wintertime.

I uploaded some new pictures to – at Trabi_088 you can see some newer pics.
Meanwhile we are still waiting for Engelkahles No.5. Baby is kicking in the belly, but still not coming out. So we have to be patient.
We will keep you updated. 🙂

A bientot

The 7/8 Engelkahles