A normal day in France – strike

I just wanted to let you know, that a normal day in france is happening. Maybe you have already noticed in the news, french Railway personal is on strike since a week. They are fighting against the plans to work longer. Instead of 37 years they are going to 40 years of work before they can retire. Well, not everyone here in france is behind those guys. because it is a small group and most of the french people are already on such a plan to work at least 40 years before they can retire. My beloved friends from AIR FRANCE are also on strike today. i hope they are not planning to do that longer than one day. Because I want to fly to Stuttgart on friday and I don’t want to get stuck at any Airport here again due to a strike. Otherwise i will kick some a..

Anyway, a strike in france is as normal as rotten meat scandal in germany… so nothing special

Au revoir


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