Invited by friends

My good old friend Christian invited me to his house. Some friends and colleagues were coming. So I had some little snack at home and drove to his house. Not easy to find, but GPS makes it possible. What I totally forgot was, that the french usually eat Dinner late. So to my surprise we had some aspargus and bamboo with a garlic dressing. After that we had Lamb and sausage with beans. I was already full. Everbody who knows me is scared now, right ? Sure, I usually eat more, but at this point I had already too much aspargus and bread. As a dessert we had a chocolate cake. Not easier, but it worked. As drinks we had some nice wine and Champagne. Hmm delicous. It was really a fun evening. I understood about 40-60 percent of the talk. I asked questions if I do not understood anything or I just talked in english.

Christians littel cat was always sneaking around. Cute cat, and even my allergy was not too bad that evening. So I was able to stay pretty long. Of course I didn’t drink too much. Just a little taste of everything and that was it. The problem here in france is…the roads. The little towns have very very bad roads. Huge speed bumps and deep holes in the roads. So you are better sober, otherwise you might get stuck on a bad bump or you crash into a hole.

A bientot


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