Visiting the family

That was a wonderful  weekend with my family. Thanks to Christian I had a free lift to the Airport in Montpellier. Thanks also to Air France that there was no new strike. The weather in Montpellier was nice, sunny and Stuttgart was a little colder and cloudy. Thanks to Online Check-In it was all smooth and without any problems. We arrived even 20 minutes earlier in Stuttgart. Wow, nice experience.

After finishing all the usual shopping that had to be done on Friday we relaxed most parts of the weekend. The kids were looking forward for the weekend with their Daddy at home. I was looking forward too 🙂

Of course Dagmar loved my presence too. On sunday we went into the cinema. Ratatouille was our choice. A very funny, great Movie and fun for the whole family. It is about a little Rat, named Remis that lives in Paris and loves to cook. Kind of funny. It seems to be our „french“ year. First it started with our Trip to Paris with my mother, Brother and family and my family. Then our trip to Montpellier and the chance to live here for two years. Very very french 🙂

Monday morning, my last day on that first Home leave trip. A thin snow cover was laying on the grass and the roofs. Brrr, cold.

The trip back from Stuttgart via Paris to Montpellier was again smooth and without any problems. This time was the first time for me to fly over Paris by night. Wow, that was breathtaking. Unfortunately I had no camera available. It was like a huge shiny diamond. The Champs-Elysee cutting through, also glowing golden. The Arc de triumphe was visible and the Eiffel Tower was sticking out like a glowing needle. It was really breathtaking and a wonderful view. Montpellier looked more like many little diamonds spread around. That is of course also a wonderful view, but Paris was the most beautiful view I had so far at a city by night. New York is different, it is more dense, Paris is huge. Las Vegas is more colorful.

That was it for now. See you soon

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