A market, a viaduct and the templars

Another weekend is almost over now. Of course I used it to discover my area. This time without the navigation system, because the last time it guided my to very very bad country roads. I used normal Maps and looked before where I want to go. So I had no problems this time. On Saturday the normal shopping was done. I wanted to go to Carrefour, that is the biggest and best place to go shopping. You have everything there. But I was not able to get a parking place and so I decided to go to LECLERC adn DARTY. Less stress.

Today after a long sleep and breakfast I went to Maugio. My colleagues told me, that there is a nice little market where you can buy everything (bread, meat, clothing) It was really nice. I only bought some Pain au Chocolat (Pain is french and means bread not pain 🙂  ) I needed nothing else, but I will be back next sunday. My biggest „dream“ was to go to the tallest cable-stayed road-bridge of the world (as of today) in Millau. Named the Millau Viaduct. It is about 120km away from Baillargues and small roads and the A75 Highway brings you to the bridge. It is a very scenic, nice drive. I went from about 20m altitude in Baillargues up to 825m close to the bridge. So the temperatures went down from 16C to 7C and no blue sky was present, but grey clouds. But the Bridge was great. It is a nice view to see this 343m height bridge. See the wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millau_Viaduct

The way back guided my also through some areas where the templars were present in the past. Several movies took the templars as the story and it was kind of mystic to go there. Check out my pictures: http://fotos.web.de/bigmek/France at france_080 you see the latest pics.

Now I am back at the Apartment and I will relax and the week will start again tomorrow. C U  

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