The World in 16:9

Another week has passed. Time is really flying by. But this weekend I can’t drive around, because I am on duty. So I will enjoy a quiet weekend (hopefully) and do some laundry, walk around outside a bit. The weather is still great, mild temperatures with up to 17C in the day. Sunny of course. That makes it strange for someone like me, when you go shopping and see the Christmas tree sales going on. It is far away from cold and snowy here. Snow, what is that ??? But lots of Christmas lamps, figures and so on are present. So at night it looks better. When I am back at my family I can also start to prepare the Christmas tree and that will be fun.

To¬†capture those scenes at Christmas and in the coming years I finally decided to buy a new camcorder after almost 10 years working with my old Hi8 Camcorder. I was waiting for several years now. I thought already about a MiniDV, then Hard Disk and also with SD Card Camcorder. But it is HD time and our TV at home is also HD Ready. So why wasting money on a „normal“ Camcorder ? My Canon S80 Digital Camera makes great pictures and also nice movies. But it is limited to Movies in High Resolution with only 15 Frames/sec and no zoom while filming. I searched in many magazines, online and in the stores. After all I got stuck with another Canon ūüôā The CANON HV20 Full HD MiniDV Camcorder which won lots of prices and tests. It is the Camcorder of the year 2007 according to New York Times… So it seems to be a good choice. I am totally impressed of the picture quality. It is huge difference comapred to my old Hi8 Camcorder which had something like 260000 Pixels. This HD Camcorder has 2.96Million Pixels. The difference amazing. The Camera can also take still images of 3Megapixel. It has a 10x optical zoom ,stibilizer, Night Shot (color) and and and

I already took some little videos and edited them with my Ulead Video Studio and Pinnacle Studio Software. Both are HD ready and it is a lot of fun. THe best thing is, I can put the edited HD Video back to the Camcorder and then connect my Camcorder via HDMI to a Flat TV HDMI and watch the superb quality without buying a still overpriced Blue-Ray or HD-DVD Player.

I uploaded a Video in 640×480 quality to my webserver. It is of course not HD like, that file would be too big for my server but it is already a nice example. It is a Musicvideo Style Video with Music from Anggun (Garde moi). It shows my way to work and some¬†night shots of the TGV passing by.¬†

Watch the 45MB movie (click on the picture):

I also uploaded the video to my Youtube account, but it is squeezed from 16:9 into 4:3 format and that makes the pictures look strange. But if you want to view it there, follow this link:

 Enjoy and A BIENTOT

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