Take it eeeaaassyyy

Well, that savoir vivre here in france is really something nice but it also takes some time to get used to it. For example I had another defective Lightbulb today in my bedroom. My lamp had the second failing lightbulb in two weeks. Also one died in the bathroom and one in the entrance area. Two weeks ago I went to the front Desk and tried to get two new Light Bulbs. But they only had one and promised to replace the other soon. So today I asked for two (because the other has not been replaced yet) light bulbs but no light bulbs available. Hmm, they of course promised again to replace them, but I doubt it will be this year. The same scenario for the fridge. The door is not closing properly, seems to be mounted not correctly. So on top there is a gap between door and fridge itself and that is the reason for my ice compartment to freeze totally because the warm air gets in. The window blinds also hang from time to time. But, wel, they have almost two years to go and fix it 🙂

Anyway, the christmas time is nice here regarding food. This week we had food and wine almost every day. Today we had foie gras, that is the liver of a duck (see Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foie_gras ). Very tasty. We also had lots of other food and wine. Today was also the christmas lunch special at the cafetiera with delicious food. I have to admit the delicous french food, wine is catching me more and more. In the past I did not like the french food that much. But that is mainly due to wrong restaurants I guess. Because my experience here is overall great.

Only the christmas feeling is missing a bit. Even when we have at night -1C (30F) during the day it warms up to 8-11C and since there is still a lot of green trees and bushes you do not feel in wintertime. Lots of lights of course everywhere, but thats it. Well, a bientot…

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