Wintersolstice, 20C temperature difference, but happy

Finally the days start to be longer now. The solstice took place and it will be over soon with early sunset and late sunrise. Of course in Montpellier I have a few minutes more sun already due to the geographical location but we are on the way to long evenings again. Around 1am saturday I started my trip back to germany. I had 9C (48F), pretty mild and nice in Baillargues. After a little more than 100km I already saw the 0C (32F) on my temperature display in the car. That was not that lowest temperature I can tell you. Around Mulhouse in france, close to the german border I saw uncomfortable -11C (12F). That were 20C difference in a few hours. From mild, sunny temperatures in Baillargues to icecold, freezing minus temperatures. I wasn’t used to that anymore. My Windshieldliqiud was frozen, even if it was usable for -25C. But the windchill did it’s best.

After less than 8 hours cruising at normal speed in france (110-130km/h) and some higher speeds in germany (190km/h with my wintertires on the pretty empty Autobahn) I was only 20km away from home when a defective Truck produced a 6km traffic jam in the construction area on the A8 Autobahn. So it took me almost an hour for those 6km and at the end only 10 minutes from the again free Autobahn to home. I was soooo happy, I filled up the car and bought fresh rolls, croissants and surprised my family. We also brought the Christmas tree inside and decorated the tree. Bonne Fetes mes amis.

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