Bye Bye 2007, 2008, we’re coming

Wow, it is the last day of the year. We did some last minute shopping for our BBQ tonight. Not as bad as expected. Now we have sparkling wine, wine, beer and so on for the party. 2008 will be a new step in our life since Dagmar and the kids will finally follow me to france and we will experience new languages (especially the kids) new friends and so on. What a challenge.

Also on the 30th of december we did some BBQ with friends and neighnbours. I can’t finish the year without a BBQ. i had no BBQ since more than 2 months. Since I live already in france and I have no gasgrill there or charcoal grill. We managed to have some friends here that we want to meet since almost 3 years now. They live in the next town, just a few miles away and it never worked out. But now we did it. Was a lot of fun. Also with BBQ Ribs (selfmade), Burgers, Steaks and so on. Some beer and Ribs…hmmm

The snow of the past days is gone. As well as the icecold temperatures of -7C. So I had not such a bad time. We are looking forward for 2008. WE WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008.


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