We are here…

Oui, we are finally here. All together. After 3 months almost without my family we arrived all together in our new home. Daggie, Fabi and Jona are now also in france. We had both our cars packed to the limit. My Cougar had an additional Bicycle Rack on the back of the car. That made our travel speed a little slower and also the gas milage much worse. Instead of using 7.5L/100km (31MPG) my Cougar sucked 11L/100km (21MPG). Dagmar in her A-Class was bored to drive behind me. But the Bicycle Rack was so shaking and made the milage so bad that we had to travel almost 10 hours including the breaks. But the weather was nice and sunny and the traffic was very easy. No real traffic jams and a quiet drive. Only around Lyon/Valence we had some more traffic due to construction and a accident.

After unloading the cars the kids powered out their energy with their bikes. They used the quiet  Area here to ride their bikes.

We ended our evening with a Dinner at the Restaurant here at the Hotel and enjoyed a delicous, we don’t remember what it was, meal. After that we had Crème Brulée. The Kids hat Steak Haché and fries. As a dessert they also had Crème Brulée and Mousse au Chocolat. But Dagmar and I had to finish the left overs.  Since we were all exhausted after the long day and the stressfull days before (Kids were sick and Dagmar too) we fell into Bed without problems and had a good sleep.

Today the weather was not as good, some fog and a steady rain, only 13C. But we used the time to go shopping for our kitchen and to empty the suitcases and sort the things in our apartment.

Tomorrow we should get better weather and then we will go outside. So have a nice day and A BIENTOT

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