Green gras and a Greenbox

While looking for eggs at easter in germany is tough in the snow, we are happy that we have mild and partly sunny weather here in Baillargues. We do not have 20C (68F) but at least 13C (55F) and we can go outside and have some fun. Green gras, spring is coming.

On Friday we tried to get banking card (debit card) for Dagmar. So she can pay also moneyless in the Supermarkets. We never knew that this could cause more Softwareproblems than the Millenium change 1999 -> 2000. The fact, that Dagmar kept her maiden name when we got married confused the banking software too much. The bank employee had to do some magic to make it work.After we finished some shopping on friday afternoon we opened our latest toy. A green blanket. It is part of a upgrade for my Video Editing Software Pinnacle Studio 11 plus. You can use this blanket for the Chroma Key or so called Greenbox effect. Another well known name is Bluescreen (with a blue color). The kids and I made some first steps and filmed some shots with Fabi and the Lego Star Wars ARC-170 Starfighter in front of the New York Skyline. It is not Oscarlike but it was fun to watch it 🙂

Enjoy our 5MB WMV (WindowsMedia) Movie:


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