HAPPY EASTER and bathing trunks

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We were able to search for the eggs outside in our little garden here. The kids also found some little presents.

The afternoon was lazy and we wanted to spend it at the Parc aquatique “L’Espace Grand Bleu” in La Grande Motte. It is a indoor/outdoor Poolcomplex with waterslides and so on. After we entered the Dressing area we found out, that our so loved bathing shorts (the long, loose-fitting shorts) are not allowed in this Pool complex. We need those tight bathing trunks. Surprisingly there was a vending machine with all different sizes. So we spent our 25 Euro for three bathing trunks and not for drinks and food. Interesting experience.

The rest of the day at the pool was easy and nice. The kids loved it and it was not the last time that we were there.

New pictures: starting from france2008_119

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