Driving around

We had a relaxed morning and enjoyed our Breakfast. Since we had a little sun we decided to drive somewhere where we have never been before. So I looked at a Map. Programmed the Navigation System and voila, there we go. We decided to drive to Sete, a little well known town. 40000 people, at the mediteranean sea. About 45km away.

But the temperature was not like our 13C (55F). It was only 8C (46F) and lots of wind. So we only drove a bit through the lovely city center and we stopped at a parkinglot at the sea. It was very windy but we took a deep breath of the wonderful seabreeze.

The Kids were hungry, as well as we were hungry. So we drove back to Montpellier. It was sunny there and a bit warmer. Since the Kids wanted to have a meal at Mc Donalds, we went there. The first time ever here. After four weeks of delicious french food we went into a McDonald at the Place de la Comedie in Montpellier. Wasn’t too bad. Of course I had a Big Mac. After we finished the little meal we did some more little sight seeing. Due to the fresh wind the kids were not very amused. So we finally drove back to our Apartment.

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