A BBQ grill for daddy

It was time to get our own BBQ Grill here in france. After being known as someone who does a BBQ ALWAYS, no matter if it rains, snows, freezes… we bought a grill. At Leroy-Merlin, a Home Depot like store we found our grill. I know, I was already named a poop, because I bought a Gas Grill 4 years ago. Yeah. After only doing BBQ on a charcoal Grill for almost 20 years I moved to a Campingaz RBS (Radiant Burner System) Woody BBQ Grill. It is more convenient with the kids. I do not need to light a fire, put in the coal and wait. I just turn on the gas, ignite the flame and voila, there we go.

Since we now live directly at a golf course we decided to buy a electric grill… yeahh I know, that is the last thing a man can do…But it is convenient. No big difference I bet between my gas grill and my new Weber electric grill. At least the grill looks like a normal grill. I don’t want to make the golfers upset when I light the fire and brun the coal and huge clouds of smoke come accross the golf driving range. I want to avoid a golfer hitting the golfball into my direction. Those balls get fast.


We will open our BBQ season here in france this coming May 1st. A holiday in france and germany and other countries. On that day a german Radio Station is doing it’s third BBQ Party together with a well known Chef cook Johann Lafer. Here is a LINK to the german Website: SWR3 GRILLPARTY. The last time more than 50000 people registered online and they downloaded the receipts and ingredient list and then cooked live on the Radio all over in germany and around the world with the chef. That was a huge success.

Now we will participate..I know with a electric Grill, but better than having nothing to burn 🙂

You can watch my webcam at http://bigmek.de on May 1st. We will put pictures online too.  So be our guest. A bientot

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