Back home

Last friday was my trip back home. With the currently largest Airline, Delta, I did this trip. Hans drove me to the Airport and I was ready to go back to Germany via Paris. I had to unpack 2.5kg (5pounds) books and my razor to make the 50 pound (22.6kg) limit for my suitcase. I also got a nice seat near the exit and toilets. With lots of legroom and good entertainment system.

Since I had only 55 minutes between the flights I was lucky to be near the exit. But due to some delay I had only 45 minutes time. Was tough, but I made it through passport control (was a pain) and from Terminal E to D (long way to walk). In the plane I had a DejaVu experience. Like 7 years ago on a flight from Atlanta to Paris and then to germany I was sitting at the window near the luggage compartment. So I could see the guys loading the luggage. I also saw my suitcase arriving . I thought, great, my luggage is with me, but they again were not able to load it. I talked to the flight attendant, but it was too late. No chance. So I already knew that I will arrive without my luggage in Berlin. At the lost luggage desk they already knew when it would arrive that saturday. Since we had to do something in Berlin anyway it was ok. Daggie picked me up with Grandma Hella, Fabian and sick Jonathan.

We picked up a dog for my mother (Grandma Hella) .A 7 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. A nice little, smooth lovely dog. Good for older people and they love kids.

In the afternoon we drove back to the airport and picked up my suitcase. The whole weekend went by fast. We met Grandma Hella, Uncle Axel, Nadin and Laura and Grandpa Hans-Juergen and Helga.

Today we drove back to our „old little“ Home in Stetten. Nice to be back. Saturday we drive back to France.

A bientot

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