CT = Control Technique

Time to say good bye soon to our beloved 1995 Renault Clio. Since July 2008 the little white Clio was reliable „familymember“ and we drove to spain and back. Never had a problem. More than 8000km were driven since July. Since we are forced to go back to germany later this year I decided to put the Clio back on the market to see if someone is interested in the car.
Well, I found a buyer that will take care of this sweet Clio now. It is not a expensive car. But before I can sell it I have to bring the car to the CT = Control Technique. In germany we have the TÜV. Every two years (every4 with a new car) a car has to pass the CT. In case you want to sell you must do it, if the last CT is more than 6 months ago.
So I went to my appointment with the AutoControl in Maugio at 9:00. Found out, that it is at 9:45. Anyway.
The CT was very accurate and sometimes even more detailed than the german checkout.
But no problem for my little Clio. Even after 14 years only minor, age related things were obvious. Nothing particular. So I got my new sticker on the Carte Grise and the new CT sticker on the windshield.
It was really a great car. Small but very reliable. No much electronic gadgets. It was perfect to drive from A to B. Very economic.
Au revoir mon petit ami.
If you want to see cars that are definitely not passing the checkout or should no pass the checkout see here: http://www.europanto.be/jackytouch/

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