Rain instead of climbing…but BBQ

What a crazy weather. For weeks we had no rain, it was mild and sunny and it was perfect. So we planned Jonathans Birthday party in the Tyroliane climbing park. Unfortunately the weather changed and the ONLY day it rained the whole day was Saturday. Not just that, but Jonathan also got sick. Fever, sour throat and he slept the whole day. So we canceled the event.
So on sunday we first watched Formula 1 race (only the rest) and were surprised about this new season. Brawn GP is brandnew and won the first race.
Jonathan, and that was more important, was fine again after a whole saturday in bed. So we could at least go to visit our friends Antti and Anu. They invited us for a BBQ. That was fun. It was sunny and mild again and Antti used his charcoal Weber BBQ Grill. Yeeha.
Was a great dinner and the kids also had some fun.
Next week it is time for vacation in germany. Yeah.

I finally managed to produce a little video from my trip to worlds largest Aquarium in Atlanta last year in April. I uploaded it last night (with the 50Kbits slow upload speed) to Youtube.
See it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9w211Ew_jM

A bientot

The 4 2/3 Engelkahles

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