Trabant, Easter and sun

It is absolutely amazing. We have a wonderful spring back here in germany. Lots of sun and warm temperatures of >21C (>70F). Beautiful after this long snowy, icy cold winter here in germany (luckily we were in france). But since we arrived here, the weather is perfect. Just one or two days with some little raindrops, thats it. Looks like we took the sun with us to germany. In Montpellier the last week including easter was cold and rainy. Only 14C max and lots of rain. Our schedule is full and we had lots of fun so far with friends and family. We had BBQ, playground with the kids…
Of course I have to work on my Trabant. Since the little east german car passed inspections I decided to replace Brakepads of the drumsbrakes, check/refill transmission oil, remove some rust and paint the car again.
The brakepads especially on the passenger side were totally worn. Since the last Schwobacup Rallye it was squeeking on the right side and now I saw why. No more substance on the brakepad itself, simply metal on metal (see Picture)

The previous owner gave me lots of spare parts and so I had at least the brakepads for the front. Dagmars uncle gave me parts as well and some useful tools to remove the brakedrums. His brother had a Trabant garage, so I have the tools, yeahh. But it was a lot of work. This car is 26 years old and for a long time nobody did something on the mechanical part. Rust had to be removed and that took a while.

Nobody would believe it, but the Trabant can also have rust. Not everything on this car is Duroplast. No there is also Metal. The frame etc. is all metal. So I had always some rustpanels at the rear for example. I started to sand the rear part and removed the rust. I primed it and sanded it again. So it will look a little better soon when the part is painted again.

On easter we relaxed and the Kids had a lot of fun to find the eggs in the garden. Since it was very sunny again they had to be fast to find the chocolate eggs 🙂 We had a delicious breakfast outside, just like almost every other day. 

The baby is kicking a lot and feels fine in Dagmars belly. You can see and feel the movements. Just a few weeks and Baby No.3 will see the light of the real world and we will have some more fun 🙂
We still don’t want to know the gender. So it will be a surprise. Hehe
In a few days we will go back to france, hopefully with the sun 🙂

A bientot

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