Bicycletour with the Jumpy

Since we are not able to fit our Bicycles into the trunk anymore we decided to buy a bike rack for the hitch. Perfect fit. Thule 903, can be extended from 3 to 4 bikes. Right now Jonathans bike is too small to fit, so we can still store it in the trunk. In a few years, when Jonathans bike is big enough we will use the extension.


The weather was not too stable. Rain yesterday and also some rain expected today. But at noon it was warm and sunny with some clouds. So we attached the Bike carrier to the hitch, mounted the bikes and we took off to Le Grau du Roi. There is a nice bikeway at the beach.

That is better for Jonathan with his little experience and small bike. Helmets up, and we hit the road. We made it to the historic part of Le Grau du Roi, had a Ice Cream and then…we had to return. Dark clouds came with thunder, lightning, rain and hail. We made it just in time. It started to rain when I finished mounting the bikes and it started at home when I finished to remove all Bikes again and the carrier. In the future we will bring our bikes to our families in the north of germany to make tours there. That will be fun.

Many greetings from the south of France

The 4 3/4 Engelkahles

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