Grandma was here

Even though my mother needs Dialysis three times a week she was visiting us in the south of france. It needed some organisation, calling the Medical center (with the help of my colleagues) sending some documents around and so on. It was great. After we managed to get the dates and flight and so on Grandma Hella came to our house.

Finally time for the grandkids… Grandma was happy. The weather was not too bad and we managed to have a Dinner on the beach. It was great, mild and warm. I was in the water (up to my knees), not too cold. Fresh. Some other places like Aigues-Mortes, Villeneuve le Maguelone and of course Montpellier were also visited. Rain on the weekend was used to play cards with the kids.

Since the Dialysis consumed a lot of time the whole week passed by very fast.
Well the belly from Dagmar is getting bigger and bigger 🙂 We are getting closer 🙂

A bientot

The 4 3/4 Engelkahles

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