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As time flies by we finally made it back to germany. We are preparing for the delivery of Engelkahle Kid No.3. After a nice birthdayparty at some friends place in Baillargues we hit the road with our Jumpy and drove to germany. We had a very good trip. We were tired but happy when we arrived at 5:30am on sunday. The kids had a good sleep in the car so they were playing/reading in their room. Dagmar and I slept a few hours in our warmed up waterbed.
I unpacked the car and hit the road again to drive to a Cougar Meeting here in Stuttgart. We met at the new PORSCHE Museum. Wonderful to see the nice cars. Unknown Prototypes, new Porsches, old ones.. interesting. As a group of 12 persons (in 8 Cougars) we enjoyed the Museum. Only the smell of gasoline and the loud sound of the engines was missing. There were some soundexamples, but hearing the sound from a speaker is not like standing next to a Porsche and feeling and hearing the engine.
The ugliest Porsche was a prototype for China, called C88. Luckily it never made it, even though the design looked somehow familiar. Maybe the chines copied the design a bit after they saw it. Anyway. 

After the Museum we drove to a Restaurant call Cafe del Sol. We had to go through some very heavy rain, thunder, hail. The hail was just peasize, not bigger. Bit we could only go 40-60km/h sometimes. The opposite direction was blocked. It was amazing how much rain could fall in a few minutes.
At the Restaurant I also picked up Dagmar and we had a very good Dinner with our friends from EURO-NECO Cougar team.
Enjoy the pictures: http://fotoalbum.web.de/gast/bigmek/EURO_NECO_Stuttgart_2009

Now I am back to normal, working from home while perparing somehow for the birth. Kids are on the road with Grandparents. Grandpa Dieter built a nice shed in the garden. Small but perfect for lawn mower and other stuff.
More to come… A bientot

 The 4 7/8 Engelkahles

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