A little shed in the garden

Thanks to grandpa Dieter and grandma Helga from Magdeburg we now have our little 1.8m by 1.8m shed in the garden. While we were not home they built it. Very nice. Now we have lots of room and we could store all the stuff that was on the terrace or in the basement in the wooden shed. Perfect. Bobbycars, lawn-mower and so on is now stored away.
Thanks to Dieter and Helga.

That gave me of course some time in the evenings to work on my Trabant. I bought some parts to fix the car a little more. I replaced all the drumbrake brakepads, cleaned them. replaced spark-plugs, replaced the headlight assemblies since they were rusty. Replaced the seats (got newer ones on Ebay for 1 Euro). Removed some rust at the rear, front, side of the Trabant, primed and painted it again. Got new hubcaps (Original VEB Sachsenring) also via Ebay. Runs good the little Trabant with his 26HP. I will replace the brakecylinders as well soon, wasn’t sure if I have to, but after looking at all of them it might be a good idea, just to replace them as well. The rest looks good. I will do something to the interior in the wintertime.

I uploaded some new pictures to http://trabi.bigmek.de – at Trabi_088 you can see some newer pics.
Meanwhile we are still waiting for Engelkahles No.5. Baby is kicking in the belly, but still not coming out. So we have to be patient.
We will keep you updated. 🙂

A bientot

The 7/8 Engelkahles

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