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Oh this guy is crazy you might think. Again pictures from Cars. Besides playing with the kids and taking care of the pregnant woman Daddy Marc-Eric enjoys another car show.
Of course other things were done. Like going with the kids to the cinema and watch „Night at the Museum 2“, going to a 30s Birthday Party and so on. But before less time is available Daddy Marc-Eric used the weekend to work on the Trabant and go to the Klassikwelten Bodensee Old and Youngtimer show. Theat included Boats and Airplanes.
I am not a big boat fan and just a little airplane fan. But the cars caught the attention. It was the second show of that type at the fairgrounds in Friedrichshafen (Lake Constance).
Lots of old, historic cars, fleemarket with used parts, stickers …
Airplane shows (RedBull) and Boat rides.
Old Porsche Tractors, Lamborghini Countach, LM002, Ferrari, Maybach, Hanomag…it was a great collection of cars.
US cars were present as well in the Heartbeat of America hall.
Also some Trabants were present and caught some attention. For my Trabant I bought a DDR(German Demokratic Republic) Plate.
Production Date 12/88. Fits my Trabant 🙂
Maybe I will drive down there with my Trabant next year and not with my Cougar. Takes a little longer, but maybe I can participate.
I also have lots of pictures here:

Right now we are still waiting for the baby… We are getting closer 🙂 I am still working from home to respond as soon as possible and help Dagmar.

A bientot

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