Work & BBQ

Halftime, two weeks are over. They passed by like crazy. We are pretty busy here, that is also the reason why I am working this weekend. But I don’t care, I am alone here now anyway. Christian and Art have left and no I am on my own. But that is ok.

Last friday Christian and I had Dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. We had a deliciuos Bloomin‘ Onion and Prime Rib Steaks. Hmmm, delicious. Was a funny time. On Saturday I went to visit my old friend Gerry and his family. Was a quiet evening. He made some nice Steaks on the BBQ grill. Hmm, also delicious. Overall I am glad that I am so busy. I miss my family and so it is easier for me.

Ok, have a good day… not much to report right now 🙂

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