3 weeks, two extra and it’s cold

Well, I would be almost ready to pack my belongings, but my planned four weeks are enhanced to a five week stay. So I will be back at my family on Feb. 9th instead of the 2nd. What am I doing after work ? Well, going with my new colleague Gus for Dinner, watching TV, listening to Music, surfing the Internet of course. Surfing can be tough here in the Hotel, since many Students from the Marist College live here and „eat“ all the bandwidth

Right now I watch the Guinessbook of Worldrecords Top 100 LIVE Show. It is amazing what crazy Worldrecords are present. Eating the most worms, longest, shortest person, longest nails and so on… Yesterday was the Miss America Peagant. Miss Michigan won and she descerved it I would say. πŸ™‚ Hey she is blonde like Dagmar πŸ™‚ I skype daily with Dagmar and on the weekends also with the Kids. Oh I miss them…

About the music… I am listening a lot to the Radio, VH1. Some band got stuck in my head. So there are for example SHINY TOY GUNS with „Le Disko“ and „You are the one“ (http://www.shinytoyguns.com ). If you liked the 80s you will love them. Synthesizer Pop.Β  Who loves the Music of Nickelback should listen to Buckcherry „Sorry“ , „Everything“ (http://www.buckcherry.com ) and also to Theory of a Deadman with „Santa Monica“ , „Hello Lonely“. Fantastic Rock music. Also one of my all time favorites Lifehouse (http://www.lifehousemusic.com ) give their best. If you like Vanessa Carlon or Katie Melua you might also like Sara Bareilles. She is a very talented Singer/Songwriter and he actual song „Love Song“ is high up in the charts. So check out http://www.sarabareilles.com for her music. If you never heard of all these bands before and usually don’t listen to..who cares, listen a bit, maybe you like it πŸ™‚

Next weekend is SUPER BOWL XLII weekend. The New York Giants play against the New England Patriots. The Giants won their last weeks game and are not a little unexpected in the Super Bowl. The Patriots are the favorites, since they are undefeated in the current season. Of course almost everyone here in New York is a Giants fan now. All merchandise goes away fast. So I will watch the Super Bowl next week probably πŸ™‚ Many greetings from icy cold Poughkeepsie

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