Aldi and Steaks

So, my first night is over and my Jetlag kicks in again. I had a good night and a nice breakfast at the Hotel. After talking to my lovely family I headed to the Atlanta Airport to return my Rental car. I only rented it for a day since I stay here in the same Hotel with my colleague and good friend Hans. We also work on the same project. So no need for two cars. I waited at the Hertz rental in the cold air. After the lots of rain and thunderstorm the temperature dropped 10C / 15F to only 41F (7C) .Ā Hans got a nice Mercury Mariner SUV with 3L V6 and 200HP. Funcar. šŸ™‚ So we drove to the Hotel and Hans got his room.

We then drove to our little shopping tour. We need food, drinks and so on. Around the corner is a ALDI. This supermarket chain is very well known in germany for the low prices.TheĀ store looks the same and many products are also the same as in germany.

Since we have not found all we need, we continued a bit. We went to the MallĀ  where I got a haircut. A better one than the one at my last visit in Poughkeepsie. We finally found also all we need in another supermarket but we could not buy wine today, because it is sunday. On Sundays you can not buy alcohol here in Georgia.

So we will see how the weeks continue.

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