Filet and the biggest fishes of the world

A rainy week in Atlanta is over. We had no bad April¬†1st fools day jokes so it was a easy week ūüôā Since there was no snack available in the Hotel on Friday we went shopping and got some Shiner Bock (my favorite beer from Texas), Wine from France and Chile and some delicious steaks. So we finished them in the room, drunk some wine and beer.

The plans for Saturday were either going to a nice car show near Stone Mountain Park or going to the largest Aquarium in the world in Atlanta. Since the weather was wet, very very wet (they had a drought for a long time) it was obviuos that no car show on our list today. We drove downtown to the Aquarium and it is really a breathtaking experience. The largest tank hold 6.3 Million Gallons of water. Different themes are there for the Rain forest, arctic… Really a very good experience. Kids can do a lot, they can touch fishes and learn a lot. I’ve been to several Aquariums in the world and they were all great. But this Aquarium kicks a..

Most Aquariums have seahorses, tuna, penguins… but this Georgia Aquarium is one of the few Aquariums in the world that has Whalesharks and Beluga whales. Whalesharks are the biggest fishes in the world. They are names whaleshark because they look like a shark and they are as huge as a whale. So when you walk through the huge glas tunnel and see the Stingrays, sharks and finally the huge whalesharks you can’t shut your mouth. But those huge fishes can’t eat big fishes or even humans…no, they can only open their mouth as wide as quarter in diameter.

I shot lots of phots and also videos. The pictures are available here, but the videos will take a while. 

The other fascinating animals are the Beluga Whales. Those white whales swim in a 900000 gallon tank and it is also breathtaking to see them . Trust me, it is really worth to go there to this Aquarium when you are in Atlanta, it is a MUST. Forget the Cola Museum, it is not worth the money.

After the visit we walked around in Atlanta a bit. We saw the Skyscrapers covers in clouds. Rain was there from time to time. To satisfy our little appetite we went to the Hard Rock Cafe. Also some shopping was done. That was our Saturday. Let’s see how Sunday and the next weekend will be.

A bientot



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