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Last friday I filled the Tank of our Citroen Jumpy with 80L Diesel, we packed our stuff and took off to our Vacation Trip to Germany. Fabi, Jona,Daggie and me were very excited to come back home after almost 8 months. So the trip on the Toll paid Highways in France was relaxing. Of course you pay almost 50 Euro for one way. But 130km/h speed limit and less traffic makes the travel very easy.
When we wanted to cross the germany border we had passport control for some cars. Due to the NATO/OTAN summit in Baden-Baden, Kehl, Strassbourg the borders were controlled and lots of Police was present.
As soon as we crossed the border the traffic was worse again. Well, not really bad, but I had a higher average speed in France than in germany.
But after just a little bit more than 8 1/2 hours including 2 stops we arrive relaxed at home.
Only the gas prices were crazy. Obviously it is the same before each big Vacation season. The oilcompanies raise the prices several cents the day before it starts. This time they had once more the excuse, that due to higher demand in the USA the prices had to be raised. Sure… The price for Diesel was 1.109 Euro on Friday. I only filled a bit because I knew that it will fall again (everybody knows that). On Sunday the price was already down to 1.049 Euro and on Monday it was down to 0.989 Euro. That is 12 cent less. Was the demand going down soooo bad on the weekend ?
Well, today was the last day at school in several other parts in germany and surprisingly the price went up 10 Cent again to 1.089 Euro. A those Oilcompanies sick or what ? Those Bankmanagers that got million dollar bonus payments even though their companies are runined now are almost lovely compared to the oilcompanies.
Anyway, I drove my Ford Cougar (has his 10th birthday today), the Trabant (passed inspection yesterday again without problems).
We visited friends in Ulm. We went to a swobian Theater where Willi our neighbour is playing (see Pic). Was very funny with also a very good food.
We had lots of good food in the past days.
So we will enjoy our 2 weeks here.

Have fun

The 4 3/4 Engelkahles

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