Chrome and something to eat

Finally I was at a carshow again. I drove with Hans to a small town 45 minutes north of Atlanta. At a Church parking lot a small carshow was held and 20-30 cars showed up. Not a huge amount but some nice cars were there. From a new Scion XB to a 1930s Ford, Mustang, Camaro, Corvette… Everything you need for a show. Even the sun came out and we were happy, because we haven’t seen it for a week or so. Yesterday they also cancelled a NASCAR race near Atlanta due to the bad weather.

The pictures from the carshow are here starting at Atlanta159

We also drove around today and went shopping in the Mall of Georgia. We bought some nice stuff for our families and of course some stuff for us. I was also able to buy some of my favorite KRISPY KREME Doughnuts…yeahh 🙂

Eating is not everything but a important thing here. We were of course hungry tonight and decided to have a evening in the Sal Grosso ( ). That is a Brazilian Steakhouse. Yeah, more steaks you think. Sure. But it is a kind of All you can eat Steakhouse. But not the cheap type of All you can eat restaurant. For about 40 USD you can eat as much as you can. Saladbar and meat in 16 different variations. So you fill your plate with Salad and you sit at the table. YOu have a little card on the table. You must turn the card to the green side when you want some of the delicous Steak, Filet Mignon, Lamb… If you do not want more meat you just turn the card to the red side until you are hungry again. That was really delicious and worth the money.  So we had a good weekend and let’s see what the next week brings

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